8 Reas St, Glyfada, 16675, GREECE

About Us

PROPTIMALITY provides customized software solutions, technical project management and business process management across different industries. Consisting of an enthousiastic multi-disciplinary group, we cover a large pool of applications and take over development and integration projects for automotive, telecom, semiconductor, bioengineering, IT and civil engineering multinational companies. We have strong theoretical background from top schools in the US and Greece and we are creating long-lasting business partnerships based on professionalism and integrity.

PROPTIMALITY is dedicated to the optimal management of each project, to the optimal programming of each software module, and finally to the definition of optimal processes.



With deep knowledge in control theory and system identification, we develop tools for modeling, design and control of systems and processes. From simple linear systems to complex neural network architectures, we provide tools for the characterization of a process as well as its control through model-based and optimal strategies.


We are experts in creating and calibrating mathematical models of complex systems that span more than one discipline (multi-physics models).

Project Management

Certified by the PMI (see here), we apply project management best practices with exceptional results over the last 10+ years. We have experience with waterfall, agile and hybrid methodologies and know how to lead a project to success while balancing the tradeoffs among scope, time, cost, quality and risk.

Process Management

PROPTIMALITY possesses deep know-how and experience on process management, especially when it comes to cloud-based or traditional datacenter operations and quality of communications services. We work with our customers on processes for all different stages of the process lifecycle, from definition and measurement to analysis, improvement and control.


We have strong expertise and experience in system integration projects for demanding applications such as Hardware In the Loop (HiL) and Real-Time (RT) co-simulation.

Database Design

We apply advanced database technologies for supporting complex web and desktop applications with high demands on performance, data analysis and data mining.

UI Design

The software solutions that we deliver come with platform-independent graphical user interface designed for modularity, scalability and user-friendliness.

For more information, please contact us at info@proptimality.gr