8 Reas St, Glyfada, 16675, GREECE



Since 2004, we are applying controls theory, multi-physics modeling and neural netowrks techniques in engine simulation environments. We have also successfully completed multiple co-simulation Hardware-In-the-Loop (HiL), Software-In-the-Loop (SiL) and Model-In-the-Loop (MiL) projects. Our work has contributions on the application level, the solver level and the middleware.


During the 10+ years of cooperation with telecom companies, we had the opportunity to acquire deep know-how in all aspects of the business: residential and corporate, carrier and wholesale, prepaid and postpais, VoIP and POTS, landline and mobile, business process management and technical project management. We have worked with multiple CRM systems, routing platforms, in-house-developed and 3rd party rating and billing systems. We are experts in software design, data management and reporting customized to telecommunication companies needs.


Having partnered with one of the biggest chip designers, we implement tools used for production testing and easy interfacing with the chips while programming and optimizing code for best power performance.


Backed by strong theoretical background and 10+ years of experience, we focus on software project management and have equal success with waterfall, agile and hybrid strategies. Additionally, we have performed system architecture design and analysis for serveral projects and take over demanding integration projects.

Civil Engineering

We have designed databases used for storing technical and cost characteristics of large contruction structures, such as bridges. We have also developed the UI for a computer-aided conceptual cost estimating system for prestressed concrete road bridges.