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Proptimality has partnered with Dialog Semiconductor in making available the SmartSnippets framework provided with Dialog’s Development Kit of the DA1458x and DA1468x Bluetooth Smart chip families. It enables developers of Bluetooth smart applications to develop ultra low power wireless applications without expensive and bulky equipment. The framework consists of a set of tools and provides full visibility on the chip activity through plots and user-friendly interfaces that boost performance and help developers focus on optimizing code for minimum power consumption.

Design Optimization

Optimization is undoubtedly a very important stage of engineering design. Proptimality has developed both direct and indirect (through Design of Experiments and metamodeling) optimization techniques based on the most popular and validated algorithms currently available. Using a combination of open-source frameworks and proprietary developments, Proptimality possesses solid know-how in this area and continuously delivers enhanced capabilities to its customers.

Offline and Real-TIme co-simulation

Through close collaboration with one of the leading multi-physics CAE software tool suppliers, Proptimality has developed integration and co-simulation technologies both for conventional and real-time model-based engineering applications. Using the most popular real-time platforms, as well as well-known interfaces and standards, such as FMI (Functional Mockup Interface), Proptimality has managed to deliver state-of-the-art solutions for multi-core, multi-domain simulations that enhance analysis capabilities during the system design phase and reduce testing times during the validation phase of the development cycle.

Modeling of Electromagnetic Circuits

The purpose of this project is to provide a modular platform for the simulation of electric and electromagnetic circuits. It involves the creation of a robust solution framework that recognizes the circuits and formulates the dynamic equations that describe them. In addition, a set of primitive electromagnetic components is provided so that users can synthesize elaborate electromagnetic systems by connecting components together. All important performance variables are calculated and thermal dependence of their properties is taken into account. The resulting platform is currently used as a module in multi-physics simulators for HEV and EV modeling, energy management, but also for the simulation of complex vehicle subsystems such as piezoelectric injectors and solenoid valves.

Rate Linker

Using database analaytics, we have designed and implemented an algorithm for identifying customer and vendor matching opportunities in a carrier voice exchange business environment. The algorithm processes customer wishlist and vendor actual or promised route characterists and takes decisions after analyzing prices, a number of quality metrics, volumes and margin targets. Surrounding processes and work flows have also been taken into account to provide best experience for all kinds of stakeholders.

Business Process Management

PROPTIMALITY also possesses deep know-how and experience on process management, especially when it comes to cloud-based or traditional datacenter operations and quality of communications services. We work with our customers on processes for all different stages of the process lifecycle, from definition and measurement to analysis, improvement and control.